I’m a writer and activist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I like to write about racial justice, education, dogs, politics, religion, travel and other random animals.

I am a slow writer. In my next life, I want to come back able to write fast (as well as tan and sing back up harmonies.) but in the meantime, this blog is where I put up the stuff that I occasionally write.

Here are four random things about me:

1) I’ve been married for 33 + years to my beloved husband. Our three sons are grown and out of the house, so now it’s just us and Charley, our Basset Hound-German Shepherd mix. (Photo above includes our late Bernese Mountain dog.)

2) In addition to being a dog-owner, wife and mother, at various times in my life, I’ve been a retail clerk, secretary, wilderness guide, refugee camp worker, journalist, teacher and waitress. I am also a life-long progressive Democrat.

3) In 2016-2017, my husband and I spent eight months in a Volkswagen van, camping our way from northern Scotland to southern Morocco and as far east as Bosnia and Montenegro and hey, we still like each other! We’ve also camped in tents all over the U.S. and world. 

My travel philosophy: Give up your need for a personal sink and toilet and the whole damn world opens up to you.

4) I was raised evangelical and came out of it with a deep suspicion of all-or-nothing, either-or, heaven or hell, saved or damned, always-never, and other forms of black and white thinking.

Psychologists say this kind of either/or thinking exacerbates anxiety and depression. To which I say, oh hell yeah.

Reality is mixed-up, nuanced and full of mystery. Deal with it.